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american persimmon
american persimmon

american persimmon

Unusual Fruiting Plants For The Home Garden
I love to discover interesting and over looked fruit that is terrific for the home gardener. All the following selections on this page are easy to grow, withstand Chicago winters, have superior or unusual taste, and few or no disease problems.




Pawpaw is a native North American fruit tree. Its fruit tastes like a cross between a banana and mango. The tree has no pest or disease problems. It is easy to grow, but difficult to transplant unless young. I therefore only sell 2 year old seedlings.

Quantities will be limited, and the prices begin $29 each and varies with the plant size.
Seedling trees ( l to 3 ft.) are still available. I grow the varieties of "Hardy Wonder" and "Early Surprise" from my seedlings selection. Hardy Wonder is hardy in zone 4b, went through -25 degree F; and Early Surprise is ripening in early September in Chicago area.


Black Currant - Russian Cross
Developed by Ed Mashburn - Ribes expert.

Black fruite with distinctive, musky flavor. Excellent in juice, liquers, jams. Hardy to zone 4. Rust resistant. Ripens early July. Best seller in Chicago farmers market.

Russina Cross is the only black currant surviver in my cold zone 4b orchard! Should easily survive a Chicago winter.

Mature plant $40.